A little bit about us...

Who are we and what do we do?

The Belle Properties Rental Group caters to individuals seeking a short-term rental, luxury experience.

Guests who stay at our properties enjoy amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, high-quality kitchen appliances, air purifiers and aroma therapy, travel-sized toiletries and bathroom utilities such as blow-dryers and fresh towels, and comfortable desks and working spaces complete with devices such as Bluetooth printers and phone-charging stations – essentially, everything you'd expect from a clean, comfortable, and modern 4-star hotel.

For guests seeking a more extended living arrangement, Belle Properties also offers 30+ night stays to accommodate long-term travelers, small families, and business professionals in search of a temporary home.

Currently catering to the Southern California region, with properties located in the Los Angeles and San Diego counties, Belle Properties' fully furnished residences makes them the ideal choice for your "home away from home" experience.
A little bit about us...

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Belle Properties is always seeking to expand its portfolio through partnering with landlords who maintain modern living spaces. If you'd like one of your properties to be added to our residences' portfolio, click the link below to schedule a call.

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  • Does Belle Properties screen their guests beforehand?

    Absolutely. Regardless of the length of stay, each guest is required to complete an identity verification and screening before booking a reservation.

  • What kinds of guests does Belle Properties typically cater to?

    The majority of our guests are those traveling for leisure, enjoying a "staycation," or visiting Southern California for business, corporate, or convention-related stays. Our guests are permitted to book our properties ranging from a duration of one night to six months – with the average guest-stay at typically about 3 nights.

  • How do Belle Properties maintain the upkeep of their residences?

    At Belle Properties we ensure each guest's stay is up to our modern, clean, comfortable living standards by having a skilled and efficient cleaning team and maintenance crew. This helps guarantee that our properties are clean, well-managed, and fully-functioning for each guest's visit.

  • How does Belle Properties market their locations?

    The Belle Properties Rental Group advertises our short-term living spaces via our booking site as well as other third-party, short-term rental sites.

We look forward to serving you on your stay.

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